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Brocante Finds

A nostalgic collection of French and English linens and accessories. Find more at www.kaboodleshop.com

Its these little treasures found at car boots, antique fairs and French brocante that give a home some 'soul'.

We can't tell you what triggered the 'Vintage Revolution' - perhaps it's simply a nostalgic nod to the good old days -  but one thing is for sure... adding a vintage or retro element to your decor and fashion style continues to be the way to go.

We love this look because it's sustainable, it's 'green' and it's quirky.

Here in the Old Grain Barn you'll find an abundance of gorgeous, lovingly sourced and restored vintage items as well as beautiful reproductions.

​​Linens & Textiles

The Retro Revival just wouldn't be the same without an eclectic collection of 

music from Abba to Zeppelin!

Vintage Vinyl